Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Introducing Class of 2012 Louis Dabney

Player Profile: Louis Dabney
HT: 6'3" WT: 185 lb. Pos.: Point Guard
High School/AAU: Riverside Acad./La. Select
Hometown: LaPlace, LA
College List: LSU, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Tulane
Offers: Ole Miss, Tulane
Player Analyis: Athletic, strong, physical
tough point guard, who is a lock-down defender
with a very good upside and talented scorer.
"I take pride in my defense. I want to be known as a lockdown defender and a pure point guard"- Louis Dabney

Athletic, strong, physical, tough and a lock-down defender are the attributes you think of when you think of the 6’3” 185 lb. Louis Dabney. Not only is Louis a tough defender but he is very good penetrator and talented passer. An athletic guard, he can also score the basketball in a variety of ways with his strengths being getting to the rim and a 12 foot jumper.

“I am working on it” Dabney said of his shot. “I get in the gym and put up shots and it helps that coach(Timmy Byrd) is pushing me.”

Not only is Dabney working on his shot, he is also working on becoming the best defender in the state. “I take pride in my defense. I want to be known as a lockdown defender and a pure point guard.” Dabney said.

He is close to that, last weekend at the Baton Rouge Community College team camp, Dabney was not just guarding the other teams best defenders but he was locking them down. In the two games we saw, Dabney’s defense was on point. Not only did he keep the opposition in check, but he made them settle for jumpers because of his ability to guard the basketball. To go with his defense, Dabney showed a great ability to run a team.

“Ed McCain(former Reserve Christian star and Ex-Bradley player) and Tweety(former Reserve Christian and Baylor star) helped me out a lot. You know Tweety was a shooter so that helps me and Ed, he was the best.” Dabney said. “Ed took me under his wing and has really helped develop my passing skills.”

With a lot of work being put in, Dabney is slowly putting his name on people’s radars. In a early season tournament in Shreveport in November, one Division 1 coach told us “Dabney was the best player for Riverside tonight” That included nationally known Ricardo Gathers and Southern Miss signee Cedric Jenkins. That was a big time compliment for a then sophomore guard who has received interest from LSU, Ole Miss, Tulane and Georgia Tech. Dabney also claims to have offers from Ole Miss and Tulane.

To stay up with the latest information and the schedule of Louis Dabney for the rest of the month and in July, just contact us at: louisianabasketballreport@gmail.com.

Special thanks to Louis Dabney and Coach Timmy Byrd for allowing us to do this interview.
Extra Questions with Louis Dabney:

Louisiana Basketball Report- What was it like to bring the 1st state title to Riverside Academy?
Louis Dabney- Means a lot to bring it to Riverside, they have never had it before, it meant a lot to the people and fans because they never had basketball success.

LBR- Where will you be playing at in July?
LD- I know I will be at the NIKE Peach Jam with Louisiana Select but not sure where else as of now.

LBR- What does it mean to play for Coach Byrd?
LD- Means a lot, he took me when I was a knucklehead and made me a better player.

LBR- With Ole Miss, LSU, Tulane and Ga. Tech recruiting you, who is your favorite? Why?
LD- LSU is my favorite because it’s close to home. I am a home body. I also like Coach Trent Johnson. I feel he can make me a better player.

LBR- What is the difference between playing at Riverside and Reserve?
LD- Well at Reserve we were more a 3-point shooting team because we had a lot of shooters. This year at Riverside we turned into a inside out team because of Rico(Ricardo Gathers)


Anonymous said...

I like that! Go ahead to Da Big Lou Dabney

Anonymous said...

I like that! Go ahead to Da Big Lou Dabney