Tuesday, June 14, 2011

1st Annual Workout with the Stars

Garrett Temple(left) Tyrus Thomas(center) Glen "Big Baby" Davis (Right)

On July 5th Elevated Heights will be hosting its 1st annual Workouts with the Stars program. This is the opportunity to give kids around Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas, an inside look on what it takes to play on the highest levels of basketball in the world. The workouts will feature some of Baton Rouge’s best athletes that are on display every year to the entire world. Some athlete’s that will be attending these workout are 2008 NBA Champion Glen Davis, the Charlotte Bobcats Tyrus Thomas and Garrett Temple and many many more. This will give the kids an opportunity of a lifetime to learn from professional athletes that love the game of basketball with a passion. Workouts will start at 9am until 12pm. Then the players will break for lunch and come back to play some pick up games from 4pm to 7pm. The places these workout will be held will vary. Don’t mess this opportunity that many of us never got a chance to be a part of!

For more information email Shawn Bridgewater at coachbridge@gmail.com or call (225)733-8240.