Friday, March 5, 2010

Class B and C Quarterfinal Predictions and Preview

Where to begin, in Class C you have no Reserve Christian and no dominant team that you know will win the title. On the other hand in Class C, you have Midland, Rapides, Zwolle and Fairview who everybody is expecting to be in the Top 28 that starts next Tuesday. With that said, there are a few matchups that are really going to be fun to see who win in the state's two small classes. In Class C, you have Pleasant Hill traveling to Grand Isle for a quarterfinal that is by far the hardest place in the state in Class C to play. Not only is it hard to play there and win, but it is 6 1/2 hours from Pleasant Hill and Grand Isle is a very talented team as well. On the flip side, Pleasant Hill returns all of their players from last year's Top 28 team that lost to Reserve Christian.  In other action in Class C, 12 seed Saline host 13 seed Pelican. On the bottom part of the bracket you have Plainview hosting Spearsville in the 3/11 game and another 2009 Top 28 participant Athens hosting Grace Christian in a battle of 2 and 7 seeds.

In Class B, Top seed Rapides will host 8 seed Castor while 4 seed Fairview, led by scoring machine Cody Neal will host 5 seed Centerville that features a talented line up that included 5'9" dynamic guard Jovan Sanders and 6'4" athlete TJ Kemp who can do it all. The bottom side will feature a great matchup of big men in 6'7" Marvin Frazier of Zwolle the #3 seed and 6'9" Casey Oliverson of Simsboro the #6 seed. The last matchup in Class B will be #2 seed Midland  hosting 7 seed Hornbeck.

Class B Quarterfinal Predictions:

1 seed Rapides over 8 seed Castor
5 seed Centerville over 4 seed Fairview
3 seed Zwolle over 6 seed Simsboro
2 seed Midland over 7 seed Hornbeck

Class C Quarterfinal Prediction:

8 seed Grand Isle over 1 seed Pleasant Hill
13 seed Pelican over 12 seed Saline
3 seed Plainview over 11 seed Spearsville
2 seed Athens over 7 seed Grace Christian

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