Friday, April 9, 2010

Helpful Coaching Information, Plays, Drills and Motivational Quotes

In what will be our newest edition to the Louisiana Basketball Report we will be adding a page for coaching tips, plays, drills and motivational quotes. Our first post is a 20 minute workout by Steve Nash for ALL guards and versatile, athletic forwards that can handle and shoot the ball. I hope you all enjoy this new p...age on our site that will continue to set us apart as the best in the state. This page is an idea brought to us by Coach Mike McGuire of Country Day in Metaire. You can find the link under our "site navigation" column to the left or you can click on the link below. Also Below you will see the five key points that Steve pointed out before doing his workout.

Helpful Coaching Information, Plays, Drills and Motivational Quotes
Steve Nash 20-Minute Workout

  1. In basketball, teams are made during the season; individual players are made in the offseason.
  2. Don’t come to the gym counting how many shots you take.
  3. Count how many you make.
  4. Don’t end on a miss.
  5. Stay on balance and use your legs when you’re tired.

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Anonymous said...

Steve Nash has all of the skills and fundamentals down. I'd love to see him teach this drill. Thanks for sharing!
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