Thursday, November 19, 2009

Rosepine Defeats Merryville

MERRYVILLE—The Rosepine Eagles (1-0) won the season opener on the road against the Merryville Panthers (0-1) Tuesday night by having five players score in double figures. Rosepine won 98-42.

Julius Jackson scored 24 for Rosepine, Richard Palmer scored 20 points for the Eagles, Ethan Calcote scored 13 points for the Eagles and Tyler Thompson scored 12 points for the Eagles.

Jason Allardyce scored 10 points for the Eagles.

For the Panthers, John Hobbs scored 17 points, Garrett Riggs scored eight points and Jaylen Brandon scored seven points.

“It was typical of what I expected,” Panthers head coach Rory Hollier said.

However, Hollier said things would be better when several players come back. That includes sophomore Caleb Branch, who injured his hand and should be back at around Thanksgiving.

“We’ll be OK come January. We’re not in basketball shape now,” Hollier said.

Hollier said the Panthers have 16 kids on varsity, but right now just four seniors and four freshmen suit up in uniform.

“We’ve got to get in shape. We started the same way last year,” Hollier said, noting the Panthers started 1-5 last year, but eventually won around 16 games in a row, finished 27-10 and won the 4-1A District.

“We’ll be OK when we get down the road,” Hollier said, adding the Panthers just have to get in shape.”

“I wasn’t disappointed. The kids played hard even though we got beat by 56,” Hollier said, noting the things the Panthers did wrong were correctable.

“When we settled down we did a decent job at times.”

Merryville and Rosepine are both back in action at 8 p.m. Thursday when they face one another in the Rosepine Tournament.
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